Uber under scrutiny after driver kills a child

  • Driving service Uber is now pretty big and worth $4B. However, the company has been sued since a driver hit and killed a 6-year-old on New Year's Eve. 

    The lawsuit alleges that the service is breaking California laws and states that the 57-year-old driver was using the app to look for his next customer when he hit the child. The 6-year-old's mother and brother were hurt in the accident as well. 

    Reports suggest that the company's drivers need to physically interact with the app and respond to requests, which leads to distraction. The family's lawyer also mentioned that the company didn't provide insurance in order to cover the incident. 

    Insurance for drivers while they're between passengers is not clear and Uber said it has no culpability in the matter since there was no passenger in the vehicle. However, Syed Muzzafar's lawyer states that he was waiting for a fare and "working for Uber."

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