Two Japan airlines turned around

  • Another set of issues resulted in the return of two Japan Airlines flights only days after it switched to Airbus. 

    A plane on its way from San Diego to Tokyo had to return since there was a problem with one of the anti-ice systems. Another flight on its way to Moscow had issues regarding its toilets that wouldn't flush; a spokesman said, "the device to heat meals also had a problem."

    He mentioned that the problem was not related to the maligned batteries of the plane.

    Despite the technical and safety issues that the 797 Dreamliner has faced in the recent months, it continues to remain popular and is considered to be an advanced plane in the industry. 

    A leading customer, however, said the jet needs to improve and it "can't keep doing what it has been doing and it has been very frustrating." Reports suggest that the second plane returned in five hours. 

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