Town in Norway avoids 5 months of darkness

  • Enormous mirrors, each measuring 538 square feet in width are being placed by engineers at the town of Rjukan in Norway. These mirrors will be placed on the mountains surrounding the town and will expectedly redirect the light from the winter sun in order to shed the sunlight into the town square. 

    This idea had originally come from Sam Eyde, an industrialist who was concerned about workers not getting enough sunlight. However, he had to opt for a cable car instead due of lack of advancement in technology. A similar project like the one in Norway was carried out at an Italian village in the year of 2006. Hence, this cannot be called a first attempt but definitely the largest. Rjukan officials visited this Italian town, Viganella and witnessed the change that the town had seen following the project and after 5 years of debating, officials agreed to start the mirror project in Rjukan. 

    The construction of the mirrors will be completed soon but the test will prove its success only in September when its put into effect. The total cost of the project is estimated to be around $1 million U.S. 

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