Tim Cook's Compensation Takes Big Hit

  • Apple CEO, Tim Cook’s annual compensation is down from $378 million including stock awards in 2011 to $4.17 million in 2012. Cook has not been awarded any Apple stocks this year. The $4.17 million received by Cook includes $1.36 million as salary and $2.8 million as an incentive plan compensation. Cook's 2011 package was the largest single pay awarded to any CEO in the last 10 years. Senior vice president (technologies), Bob Mansfield, received $85.5 million, of which $83.1 million is in stock. Senior vice president (operations), Jeff Williams, received $68.7 million, and CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, received $68.6 million including stocks worth $66.2 million. The Apple CEO had to issue an apology this year for the failure of the new mapping app that the company had launched.