The Pope is the most talked about on Facebook

  • There's some bad news for Miley Cyrus: She didn't make it at the top of the most talked-about subjects to grace Facebook this year. To everyone's surprise, Pope Francis grabbed that honor instead (No. 2). The royal baby is No. 3 and Cyrus is No. 7. 

    However, looking at just the US, the pontiff grabbed the No. 6 position. Super Bowl was at the top, and the government shutdown was next; Cyrus wasn't anywhere in the top. 

    Francis recently went to an expensive shopping district in order to pray for the poor; it was in a church where he prayed that we might "never be left indifferent to the cries of the poor."

    He has also been making plenty of headlines, most of which were heart-touching. For instance, his recent embrace of a disfigured man. No wonder the world is saying good things about him on social network. 

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