The next iPhone might read your fingerprints

  • Although passwords on smartphones today guarantee security, they might not be tough enough for serious hackers. Mobile security is becoming increasingly important today and there might be some good news for iPhone users. 

    Several reports suggest that the next version of the Apple device will come with biometric scanners that would be able to read fingerprints. After registering fingerprints with their phones, users would be able to unlock the devices after pressing the home button. 

    The rumors about this feature got boosted when at least one the developers found a folder called "BiometricKitUi" in beta version of iOS 7 released for the Apple developers. However, there's no proof that this feature will show up on the next iPhone, which is supposed to be launched this fall since the Taiwan-based production company, Next Media Animation has suggested that the feature won't come out until 2014. 

    Apple has also been experimenting with the size of screens for its devices. 

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