Story behind an Apple plant worker's attempted suicide

  • 18 Foxconn workers had attempted to commit suicide in 2010 but only four had succeeded. One of the survivors Tian Yu has spoken about her experience as a worker that led her to an attempt on her life from the 4th floor of a Foxconn dorm in China. The story is remarkable in depth and provides details on her job at the Longhua factory. 

    Yu had traveled nearly 700 miles from her village to take a job in order to support her family. She had been told of inspiring entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs during orientation but it was all downhill from there. Yu worked from 12 hours without eating dinner. Bathroom breaks were restricted as well and she was given one day off every two weeks. 

    The worker stared as posters that read "Achieve goals or the sun will no longer rise." while her repetitive work began to wear on her. Moreover, because of some mix-up with her paperwork, she wasn't paid the $220 that was owed for her after her first month. 

    Yu said her desperation caused her mind to become blank and then she jumped. She is now paralyzed from the waist down. 

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