Spy plane can reach anywhere it needs to in one hour

  • An unarmed spy plane, which is currently being worked on, would be able to travel six times as fast as sound. This means that the plane will be able to fly anywhere on earth within one hour. 

    Lockheed Martin is developing SR-72, which is a follow up to the plane developed in the 1960s and used until 1998 by the US Air Force. The upcoming one will be twice as fast as the old SR-71, with three times the speed of fighter jets today. 

    "Hypersonic is the new stealth," Lockheed engineer said, "Your adversaries cannot hide or move their critical assets. They will be found. That becomes a game-changer."

    Reports suggest that the plane could be ready by 2030 but a missile showing off the technology might be available for 1B in about five or six years. 

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