South Korea to build an invisible skyscraper

  • After the superpowered skyscraper in London, which melts cars, it is now South Korea that is building a cool one. The government of the country recently approved of a 1,476-feet tall skyscraper known as "Tower Infinity" to be built in the city of Incheon. 

    A US-based firm has designed the tower, which will house a water park, a movie theater and even a roller coaster. But the most fascinating feature of the building is definitely its ability to disappear. 

    Cameras at three heights on the six sides of the building and LED lights will perform the trick. The cameras will trick the observers by capturing what is behind the building and displaying it on to the screens. However, this magic trick is only supposed to work at certain times and at specific angles. The building will be visible only for short periods at certain times. 

    The backers for the project have confirmed that the building is safe for air traffic since it will leave its warning lights on even when it is invisible. 

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