Snapchat could change the Internet

  • Internet users are used to the idea that everything ancient like posts and photos can be dug up on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, Snapchat has introduced something "erasable," which many users may prefer. 

    Farhad Manjoo of the Wall Street Journal mentioned that the Internet would be very different if other sites began to promote this same feature. "It would be a more private network," he writes. "But it also might be a less useful Internet, a network on which you couldn't look up an old photo every time you felt nostalgic, or where computers wouldn't always feed you suggestions based on your history."

    Even the targeted ads might not be a possibility if people's data were to be erased. The ideal thing would be to have both versions of the Internet running side by side and Manjoo hopes for that to happen in the future. 

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