Samsung disables Galaxy S3 Google local search function

  • Samsung has disabled a search function in an update to the international version of its flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone, following a patent dispute with Apple.

    Once the software is installed, the phones can no longer search contacts, apps and other on-device material using software developed by Google.

    Android Central, which revealed the news, stated that users were not told the update would disable the service.

    Apple claims the service infringes its patent to a single search interface, which it uses in its Siri app to bring together results from several sources.

    The iPhone maker had previously managed to enforce a brief sales ban on another Samsung handset, the Galaxy Nexus, in the U.S. because of the patent.

    The two firms are set to face each other in court again in the U.S. on Monday when a jury will hear patent infringement suits filed by both companies.