Russia will monitor Olympics using 'Prism on Steroids'

  • Although Vladimir Putin promised to celebrate the values of "openness and friendship" during the 2014 Olympics, reports suggest that it's not exactly going to happen. 

    It has been found out that Russia's FSB security service will use the country's surveillance system to monitor all communications via phone and Internet in Sochi. 

    The surveillance system, Som is going to be made robust so it can handle the extra traffic during the games. 

    A researcher referred to the Som updates as being "Prism on steroids"; all ISP providers and phones are expected to install the boxes giving the FBI the ability to secretly monitor them. 

    Russia has also given the FSB the ability to use keywords in order to filter traffic; it's responsible for monitoring the event with 5,000 cameras as well as 40,000 police officers. 

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