Re-creation of Super Mario Bros. must come down

  • Ryan Vogt wrote on Slate that the re-creation of Super Mario Bros. called Full Screen Mario is "amazing" but should be taken down immediately for it belongs to Nintendo. 

    Although the company is not happy about this new version, Goldberg said it's not fair since Nintendo hasn't come out with the ogame in years. 

    Nintendo continues to add more games to the series and the original game is available for download for a low price. 

    "For the company to hand its mascot's pioneering adventure over to the public would mean not only allowing Goldberg to give it away, but Microsoft and Sony to sell it on their gaming systems," Vogt wrote. "If that doesn't make your heart shudder, maybe you never loved the smiling plumber in the first place."

    He advised Goldberg to use his talents to create a game of his own. 

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