Ransomware Cyber-attack is a Wake-up Call, Warns Microsoft

  • As per reports, Microsoft mentioned that the ransomware cyber-attack that hit around 150 countries should be treated as a wake-up call by the government around the world.

    It said that governments should be blamed as data were stored on software vulnerabilities which helped hackers to have access easily.

    As people begin work on Monday, there are chances of more "ransomware" attacks taking place.

    Experts in many firms worked on weekends to stop further infections.

    South Korea on Monday mentioned that nine cases of ransomware had been found; however, the country did not provide further details. In Australia, three medium-sized businesses reported being locked, while in New Zealand some unconfirmed incidents had been investigated.

    In Japan, both Nissan and Hitachi and in China, energy giant PetroChina said their units had been affected.

    As mentioned by Microsoft, a Windows security update was released in March in order to deal with the problem involved in the latest attack, but many users did not run it.

    Location Map of Countries Affected by Cyber Attack