Pirates are ignoring wearable technology

  • Looks like wearable devices such as Samsung's smart watch and Google Glass are short-lived since the adept counterfeiters in China haven't even seen anyone wear such things. 

    CNN reporters paid a visit to Shenzhen district, which is known for its electronic knock-offs. The fact that they were unable to find any pirated Gear, could be a warning sign for the tech industry.

    "You won't find any copies of the smart watch here," a worker said. "I've never seen or heard of any. Thinking about it, I've never even seen anyone wear one." An expert in global piracy mentioned that this lack of interest proves that wearable devices haven't generated any buzz. 

    However, this finding doesn't mean the smart watch failed. It only means that the device is meant for "a small group of enthusiasts who will pay to get the real deal, rather than to the mass market."

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