Ohio using facial recognition technology secretly

  • Ohio has been using facial recognition technology for nearly three months without informing the residents of the state. The technology is being used in order to aid law enforcement and the State Attorney General said he believed it wasn't necessary to inform the public since 26 states in the country have been already using similar systems. 

    The technology has been used about 2,600 times and can identify people's photos from security cameras, for example- to their driver's licenses, presenting close matches from a database of millions of photos. 

    Mike DeWine, the State Attorney General said he wasn't informed when the technology went live but that didn't concern him. "If we find something (inappropriate), we would change it," he said. "and if we find something alarming, we would shut it down."

    Policies surrounding the system are being reviewed and the ACLU wants to shut it down in the meantime. 

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