NSA knew about the big flaw for two years

  • Bloomberg's report will most likely anger all those who have had to change their passwords due to an Internet security breach known as Heartbleed. 

    According to the story, the NSA became aware of the flaw two years ago when it was introduced in protocol OpenSSL. In fact, the agency used the flaw to gather data such as passwords and has more of such vulnerabilities in its pocket. 

    An expert mentioned that the decision to not fix the glitch "flies in the face of the agency's comments that defense comes first."

    "It's hard not to be upset at this sort of news," Adam Clark Estes of Gizmodo writes. "While it's the NSA's job to gather intelligence in the name of national security, the fact that any leg of the government know that we were so vulnerable on so many levels is pretty damn shady."


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