Nokia unveils 41-megapixel camera phone

  • Nokia unveiled a new phone featuring a 41-megapixel camera at a press conference in New York on Thursday

    The firm said consumers using the Lumia 1020 would be able to zoom in and record "details never thought possible from a smartphone".

    The handset allows users to adjust focus, shutter speed and white balance through a new user interface

    This is the second time Nokia has fitted a 41MP sensor to one of its devices.

    Last year, it released the Pureview 808, though to a lukewarm reception as it ran on the dated Symbian operating system for which only a handful of developers are still writing software.

    The new handset runs on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, which boasts more than 160,000 apps.

    The Lumia 1020 is set go on sale on July 26 in the United States with a price tag of $300 in addition to a two-year contract. It will be released in parts of Europe and China by September.