Nokia makes fun of iPhone 5 in Lumia advertisement

  • Nokia, a leading producer of smartphones from Finland, has taken potshots at Apple, one of its most prominent competitors. This has happened in an advertisement for Lumia, its new smartphone. The concerned advert on Lumia 925 shows a person walking at night when he comes face to face with zombies who have supposedly changed to the undead as a supposed aftermath of very bright LED flash that is a characteristic of the new product from Apple. It is seen in the ad that all the zombies have the red eye effect that is related to conditions where levels of light are low.

    In the ad, the iPhone 5 is easily recognizable even though the people behind the same have been careful to remove the logo of Apple. This ad has been created by Nokia in order to show how powerful the camera of Lumia 925 is. The ad also states at the end that the camera is capable of being used to click high quality pictures in any type of light without requiring the use of flash. This can be interpreted as a clear attempt to show that the Lumia 925 camera is better than the one used in iPhone 5.