No respite yet for BlackBerry

  • BlackBerry’s shares have suffered losses to the tune of 28 per cent at stock exchanges in both Toronto and the U.S. The worrying sign for the company is that there are few signs that it will turn the tide around as has been promised for so long. The company had faced a loss in the previous quarter and that was not on expected lines. Its problem has been compounded by lack of proper information on the sales of its new product line that is being touted as one that can either make its fortune or break it. It is also highly unlikely that the beleaguered company will see any profits this quarter.

    The smartphone manufacturer, based in Canada, has been finding it really hard to go up against the iPhone of Apple as well as the Galaxy range of Samsung and the various devices that are using the Android system developed by Google. BlackBerry has however reported a 13 per cent increase in its sales from the previous quarter when consumers were supposedly waiting for the introduction of the BB10 line of phones. However, deliveries of its phones have gone down compared to 2012 and this has happened owing to the decrease in the sales of the older BlackBerry phones.