New iPad app curates music playlist to suit your mood

  • A new iPad app has been created to stream music tailored to your current situation and mood.

    Songza, an Internet radio service since 2007, launched its iPad app earlier this month following success with iPhone and web apps.

    It aims to help people find the perfect playlist by using the core feature known as its "concierge service" that suggests situations or activities in which a user might be involved based on several factors such as day of the week, time of day and previous behavior that the app learns over time.

    After selecting a situation, the app screens for genre, decade and mood. For each filter, it provides three different playlists created by a team of critics, journalists, DJs, musicians and ethnomusicologists.

    The app includes more than 100,000 playlists covering 18 million songs.

    The Songza app is free and available for all iOS devices and on the web in the United States only.

    Within five days of its June launch, the iPad app was downloaded more than 700,000 times.