New Coffee shop staffed by robots

  • An Austin-based company has opened a new coffee shop at the University of Texas, which is staffed not by people but by robots. The robots supposedly prepare specialty coffee drinks according to specifications by the customers.

    Customers order their drinks through a touch screen or an app on their smartphones and the robot takes care of the rest. These robots at the Briggo Coffee Haus are said to have not messed up any orders or names and they will, in the future also provide the customers with an opportunity to pre-order their drinks so their drinks are ready by the time they arrive. 

    Payment is handled at the time the order is made and the robots can even send a text message when a drink is ready. There are a variety of drinks on the menu and customers are able to save their favorite ones and ordering them the next time around with a single click. 

    The ability to add extra shots is missing, however but that might be addressed in the future. 

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