Microsoft vs. Google patents trial comes to an end

  • A Google expert witness testified on Tuesday that Microsoft could make around $94 billion in revenue through 2017 from its Xbox game console and Surface tablet that use Google's patented wireless technology.

    Michael Dansky, an expert for Google's Motorola Mobility unit, testified on the last day of the week-long trial over patents between Microsoft and Google in Seattle.

    The figure he cited also includes a wireless adapter that Microsoft no longer sells. It is not clear how far back he was counting past revenues.

    The trial in a Seattle federal court looked into how much of a royalty Microsoft should pay Google for a license to some of Motorola's patents.

    Google bought Motorola earlier this year for $12.5 billion, partly for its library of communications patents.

    Motorola had sought up to $4 billion a year for its wireless and video patents though Microsoft argues its rival deserves just over $1 million a year.

    If the court rules that Google deserves a small royalty, its Motorola patents will be seen as a weaker bargaining chip for Google to negotiate licensing deals with rivals.

    A ruling is not expected to be released for several weeks as both companies must file further legal briefs.