Man arrested over rape and death threats made on Twitter

  • The woman who persuaded Bank of England to put Jane Austen's face on new bank notes was threatened by a man who posted threats against her on Twitter.Scotland Yard arrested a 21-year-old on suspicion on harassment after he posted threats against Caroline Criado- Perez over the course of more than a day. 

    MPs and celebrities have supported her campaign about Twitter introducing a button, which would allow for a fast reporting of abuse. The campaign has been signed by 12,500 people. Criado-Perez said "it's sadly not unusual to get this kind of abuse" but she mentioned that it she had never seen it get as aggressive. 

    There have also been attempts to organize a boycott of the social media network on August 4. Criado-Perez said she believes "by standing together we can make a real difference."

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