London City Airport Becomes First Major Capital to Use Digital Control Tower

  • High-tech 360-degree cameras and sensors have been fitted at London City Airport’s newly constructed tower to guide the planes (70 miles away) to the airport. This technological improvement is part of the 350 million pound ($455 million) expansion of the London City airport. Reports say that airport staffs will monitor the digital tools through a screen for enhancing safety as well as improving resilience. London City Airport Chief Executive Declan Collier has said that the pioneering new digital air traffic control system will set "new standard for the global aviation industry to follow". He went on to say that the technological advancement will "future-proof" air traffic control of London City Airport for more than the next 30 years. Reports say that this technology (supplied by Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions) was earlier used in smaller airports such as in Ornskoldsvik and Sundsvall airports of Sweden.