LinkedIn lets users apply for jobs on mobile without resume

  • Professional social network LinkedIn is letting its users submit applications for jobs via mobile without the hassle of attaching a formal resume. The company's latest version will have a a new "Apply" button on iOS and Android and people will be guided through a short process on their mobiles. The process will require them to review their professional profile and LinkedIn will then deliver the application with the profile being used as a traditional resume, to the employer in question. 

    Associate Product Manager Vaibhav Goel wrote in a LinkedIn blog about the challenges of managing and editing resumes on a small screen. 

    This process, however will simplify job applications for a lot of people on LinkedIn but there's no guarantee that the employers will embrace the resume-less applications. 

    Reportedly, 30 percent of members on the professional networking site are using mobiles to apply for jobs and the company is currently rolling out the new feature to English-speaking members using its iOS and Android applications. 

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