Lasagna might be Internet's most popular recipe

  • John Chandler's lasagna recipe has been viewed 12 million times on YouTube in the last five years. 

    The recipe, which includes two pounds of meat and another two pounds of cheese is often referred to be being the "World's Best Lasagna". AllRecipes.com rated it as the No. 1 recipe for 10 years and it appears to be No. 2 in line at present. 

    Chandler, 43 is actually a salesman and not a chef and his mom's recipe ended up persisting on AllRecipes.com even though users typically look for quick and easy meals. The cooking time for this lasagna is more over three hours and the cost of preparing it is $40. 

    It's got 8,856 five-star reviews and that alone proves how big a hit it is. 

    As per Chandler's extra advice, "the sauce is best when you salt it to taste and then, once you get it going, just flavor it as you go."

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