Kobo releases Aura 'HD' ebook reader

  • Ebook seller Kobo unveiled what it describes as a "high definition" e-ink based device on Monday. The Aura HD, with a screen measuring 6.8 inches, offers a resolution of 265 pixels per inch.

    Amazon's bestselling Kindle Paperwhite offers 212 ppi on its 6-inch screen.

    The Aura HD’s Freescale processor also makes it the fastest at turning pages.

    The device goes on sale in the UK and North America this month, and elsewhere from May.

    With a price tag of $213, its suggested retail price makes it about $45 more expensive than the Kindle Paperwhite and Barnes & Noble's Nook Simple Touch.

    Kobo is owned by Japanese retailer Rakuten, which acquired the company in 2011.

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