Jersey schools asking students to bring their own tech

  • There used to be a time when schools didn't allow students to bring cellphones and other gadgets to the premises. However, those times have changed and many schools are now not only allowing tablets and smartphones inside classrooms but are also asking the students to bring their own. 

    Officials say this is an efficient way for schools to save on costly technology budgets and concentrate on meeting new academic standards that rely on technology. 

    This program known as BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) is increasingly on the rise and experts report that about 23 percent of American teenagers own a tablet computer, 47 percent have smartphones and 78 percent own smartphones. 

    A Pew Research Center study says many teachers of the lowest-income students say the children's lack of access to such technologies makes it challenging to incorporate these tools into teaching. 

    Despite this fact, many educators say this program would help bridge the digital divide instead of dividing students further. 

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