Jane Seymour loves fake Seymours on Instagram

  • Jane Seymour is a big enough fan of Instagram to love those who pretend to be her on the app. 

    She said she loves the other Seymours who are better at finding material that she hasn't seen herself. The 'Austenland' star called them fans who are fabulous. 

    She even follows the fake Seymours. "Everyday I see like eight new photos of me," Seymour said. "Ones that I don't even remember being taken. I click on them and make them into my own camera roll."

    The only bad aspect to this is that the real actress couldn't get her own name on Instagram, settling on JaneSeymour51, which marks the year of her birth. 

    Seymour admitted that she has become an Instagram addict and loves the app. 

    She said there was only one angry follower who said terrible things even if she posted an innocent photo. "But that people miraculously disappeared," she said. 

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