iPhones to have 6-inch screens in the future

  • Apple is introducing its new iPhone only in a few days. The devices will come in different colors but consumers can expect the size of the screens to be just the same. However, that might change in the future since the company is looking to offer bigger screens ranging from 4.8 to 6 inches. 

    This information is not certain but the Cupertino based company has been testing models out and bigger screens would definitely not be a huge surprise. 

    Today, the phones are getting bigger and the tablets smaller. Samsung has recently introduced its new Galaxy Note 3 which measures 5.7 inches. 

    Mark Rogowsky at Forbes writes, "Next week's iPhone isn't slated to address the hole in the product lineup, but with some of the Apple's most loyal customers jumping ship for Android and its big-screen phones, it increasingly has no choice."

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