Internet beaming balloons introduced by Google

  • Google has introduced balloons that look like jellyfish and are translucent in nature and supposed to be used for global internet connectivity.

    The launch happened at an icy field at Lake Tekapo in South Island, New Zealand. This was the finale of an 18-month project of Google named Project Loon, which is perhaps an admission of the seemingly impossible nature of the project.

    The balloons were developed in the same Lab X where a cab without driver was created. This is also the same lab where eyeglasses for internet surfing were developed by Google. As of now, these balloons are still at the initial stages of experimentation.

    Google will be launching thousand other balloons like this. They will be suspended at a height of 20 kilometers into the stratosphere. At present 2.2 billion people in the world have access to internet and 4.8 billion people do not have it. Google, through these balloons, is looking to bridge that gap. If this technology is successful, then it could be a massive development for countries that are unable to bear the expense of using fiber cable for installing internet connection. The main beneficiaries will be southeast Asia and Africa as internet usage could go up substantially in these regions.