Internet and cellphone communication cut off in Syria

  • Internet and cellphone communication has been disrupted in Syria, monitoring firms said on Thursday.

    Networking firm Renesys said the country's connection protocols were unreachable, "effectively removing the country from the Internet".

    Another U.S. firm, Akamai, also confirmed it was unable to connect with Syria's Internet.

    According to local reports, the Internet had been down since early afternoon and that telephone lines were only working intermittently.

    The Syrian government has blamed "terrorists" for the disconnection.

    "The terrorists targeted the internet lines, resulting in some regions being cut off," Syria's minister of information said on a pro-government television station.

    Meanwhile, activists say it has been known for similar communication cuts to take place in isolated areas before military operations.

    The exact method used to cut off the Internet in Syria is not yet known though security experts suggest ‘blackholing’ may be involved.

    Blackholing is a tactic where Internet traffic is sent into a dead end instead of its intended destination.