How to portray yourself on Facebook

  • We're all aware of how to look good in the real world. However, considering that Facebook is the best depiction of your real self, it's important to know how to be likeable on the social media network. 

    Putting your best face forward is the first step. It's essential to keep your profile photo free of any obscene or offensive material given that it can instantly lead to a bad impression. Moreover, your posts are your voice if your profile photo is your face, which mean that you don't want to be annoying in your status updates. 

    Users should remember to update their profiles and see if the pages that they have previously 'Liked' represent their personalities in the present day. Social media users need to remember that posting 10 times a day is as bad as abruptly disappearing and becoming a candidate for de-friending. 

    Facebook has the ability to turn people into what they want to be so you should make yourself someone worth knowing. 


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