Hackers could be behind 8 hour traffic jam

  • Officials in Israel have been worried about cyberwarfare threat and the attack last month in the city of Haifa could have made those fears worse. 

    Experts said a trojan horse attack on Sept. 8 gave hackers control over Israel's Carmel Tunnels toll road, which immediately caused it to go on lockdown for 20 minutes; it was then closed for eight hours the next day, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. 

    This hack didn't appear to be the work of an enemy government but that of an anonymous group. 

    However, the firm responsible for the toll road mentioned the incident could have been caused by a "communication glitch" instead of a cyberattack. 

    An outside security manager said it "is the hallmark of a new era" if this was done by hackers. He noted that Israel remains one of the "top-targeted countries."

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