Google to start using people's faces and names in ads

  • Google is attempting to become more like Facebook and is soon going to start posting ads with people's names and photos. 

    As explained by the New York Times, following a bakery on Google+ or any other site that uses its ad network, will result in your name and photo being shown up in the ad for that particular bakery. 

    The company said this program will exclude minors but it has still not been received well by many people; the program is expected to begin on Nov. 11 and users will have an option of opting out of it. 

    A privacy advocate said this would be a "boundary violation" by Google since "the widening of something you place online makes people unhappy." An electronic privacy group is even calling it illegal. "It's a commercial endorsement without consent and that is not permissible in most states in the US." 

    Although, its easy to opt out of the program, people will still continue to see their friends' faces all over the page. 

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