Google recognizes Palestine

  • Internet giant Google decided to follow the precedent set by the United Nations and changed the home page tagline of google.ps from 'Palestinian territories' to 'Palestine'. Apart from this, Google decided to change the name of Palestinian territories into Palestine across all its products. The change was effected from May 1.

    Use of the name Palestine involves a huge controversy. Israel contends that the borders of a Palestinian state and the Israel-Palestine border have not been agreed on yet. According to Israel, use of the word Palestine is enforcing the outcome of the stalled peace talks. Israel still refers to the West Bank as Judea and Samaria.

    In November 2012, the UN accorded Palestine the status of "non-member observer state". At the UN, 138 nations voted to recognize a state of Palestine, 9 voted against, and 41 nations abstained from the vote. The US was among the countries that voted against the recognition.

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