Google looks to continue scanning Gmail

  • Google's attorneys are insisting that their long-running practice of scanning the contents of people's emails on Gmail in order to sell advertisements is legal. They are asking for the lawsuit against the practice to be dropped. 

    The lawsuit says the practice violates the privacy laws in California as well as federal wiretapping statutes. It mentions that Google "unlawfully opens up, reads and acquires the content of people's private email messages."

    According to the lawsuit, Google even scans messages sent to Gmail users from non-Gmail users who haven't agreed to these terms.

    The company, on the other hand insists that no humans ever read these emails and that the practice is completely automated. If someone, for instance, gets a lot of emails about photography, it'll display an ad related to the subject. Hence, the ads target based on words that show up in messages. 

    The attorneys of the company argue saying the Plaintiff is attempting to "criminalize ordinary business practices that have been part of Google's free Gmail service since it was introduced nearly a decade ago."

    Advocates for privacy have been questioning this practice since a long time. 

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