Google hiding data from NSA

  • Google is encrypting its data and hiding it from the NSA in the middle of the fallout from its PRISM surveillance program. 

    Even though the NSA can crack such encrypted data, the company said it is looking to make it harder for the intelligence agency. 

    A security expert said most people in his community are realistic about the fact that the NSA can get into their systems if it wishes to. "This is all about making dragnet surveillance impossible."

    Google had already been planning on encrypting its data but the fallout resulted in making the company rush on the project. 

    The company hasn't gone into any details but has said the encryption will be "very strong" in its data center servers as well as the fibre optic lines that connect them. 

    Google's VP of security engineering called this an arms race. "We see these government agencies as among the most skilled players in this game."

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