German government tells public to stop using Internet Explorer

  • The German government has urged the public to temporarily stop using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer after the discovery of a virus that makes computers prone to hacking.

    The yet-to-be-repaired flaw has affected hundreds of millions of Internet Explorer users across the world after it surfaced over the weekend.

    On Monday, Microsoft said the bug could compromise computers of users who visit malicious websites that enable hackers to take control of their victims’ PCs.

    Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, or BSI, said that it was aware of the attacks.

    BSI has advised all users of Internet Explorer to use alternative browsers until a security update is released.

    Microsoft has urged customers to install security software as an interim measure until it fixes the bug and releases a new version of Internet Explorer.

    A date for the release of more secure version of the browser has not yet been announced.

    Internet Explorer is the world's second-most popular browser with about 33 percent market share. It comes second to Google Chrome, which has about 34 percent of the market.