Gamer hacks SimCity to play offline

  • SimCity was turned into a single-player game after a hacker altered its code to play the game offline.

    Electronic Arts (EA) launched the latest version of the game on March 5. Like many current games, players must be online to play.

    However, soon after its launch many people reported that they had to wait up to 30 minutes or more to play the game.

    According to EA, the problems occurred because of the shared aspects of the game and the volume of people trying to play, which consequently overwhelmed servers.

    Since then, claims that the title must be connected so data can be shared have been dismissed away by players. Some have been able to play for up to 20 minutes after unplugging their web connection.

    On Saturday, a gamer going by the alias of AzzerUK described on social news site Reddit how he turned off the requirement to be online all the time.

    After rewriting the game's code during "debug mode”, AzzerUK was able to turn off the game's disconnect timer so that it never checked whether it was online or offline.

    The online requirement came as a bid to curb piracy of the title.