Franken worried about the fingerprint scanner in the new iPhone

  • The recently released iPhone 5S has been designed with a finger print scanner in order to replace the password system. Sen. Al Franken seems to be worried about this change and has sent an open letter to the company's CEO, Tim Cook asking for detailed information about the system. 

    Franken, in his letter has asked to know about the system's vulnerability to hackers but Apple hasn't yet responded to him. "Is it possible to extract and obtain fingerprint data from an iPhone? If so, can this be done remotely, or with physical access to the device?" 

    Apple has previously stated that the system is not accessible to third-party apps and is safely encrypted. Its response to the senator's letter could cause issues. 

    Parmy Olson at Forbes mentioned that "the information that Franken is asking for could be just the details that crackers need to exploit Touch ID". 

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