Florida teenager's rape caught on camera

  • A 16-year-old girl in Florida was allegedly raped last month by people she considered to be her friends. CBS Miami has reported that a video of the crime is available and is hard to watch and prosecutors used the clip to show how the victim was beaten on the ground. 

    A man is heard saying in the video about how they don't like the girl, after which a female responds saying "I told you we were gonna f--- somebody up." A woman is also heard saying that they should let her go but then a man mentions the victim has to stay. 

    The victim revealed in court that she smoked weed and drank beer that night before being attacked. She was beaten and forced to have sex with one of the men. She was also spat on before she left the place. 

    All five suspects have pleaded guilty but the lawyer of an 18-year-old said he should be tried separately since he only shot the video and was a "bystander." The video is available for viewing on CBC Miami but viewers should be warned that it's tough to watch. 

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