Facebook has changed us for better and worse

  • Facebook has been around for ten years and there's no doubt about the fact that it has hugely impacted our lives. 

    One of the perks of being a Facebook user is that you get to share big announcements regarding weddings and births but sometimes we do tend to over share - not every photo of your dinner looks delicious. 

    Moreover, the networking site gives us the chance to reunite with our old friends by enabling us to find just about anyone's profile. However, drifting apart isn't always a bad thing and Facebook stalking an old crush could essentially lead to a message. 

    "I see Facebook issues breaking up marriages all the time," a divorce attorney said. 

    While it is true that being a user on Facebook could make you happy, some studies have shown that the results can sometimes be less encouraging. "On the surface, Facebook provides an invaluable resource for fulfilling the basic human need for social connection," the study said. "Rather than enhancing well-being, however, these findings suggest that Facebook may undermine it."

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