eHarmony to offer human matchmaker

  • eHarmony tries hard to find you a perfect partner but just in case it's unable to do so, the dating site's soon to be offered Plan B might be of some help. 

    Customers can now pay $5,000 to get a counselor for a year, who would act like a human matchmaker. The service is scheduled to launch on Dec. 1 and this is what the company has to say about it: 

    "It's too hard for a computer to take two people and understand what they want from a physical standpoint in a way that really elicits chemistry between them. We think it's much more likely that a human being can do that sort of thing."

    This money will not only mean freedom from updating profiles, but it will enable the customers to have a personal Skype or phone interview with a counselor or psychologist, who will then look for the perfect match. 

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