Edmunds.com sues a company for fake consumer reviews

  • Edmunds.com (automobile-information website) sued a company over faking 60 consumer reviews. Given that fraudsters could be tipped off by more information, the auto-information website has decided to not discuss the cues, which lead them to declare reviews as being fake. 

    Within one month, the website determined several reviews that seemed to be coming from a single source and 2,000 member accounts were traced back to Humankind Design Ltd., which operates Glowingreviews.co.in Texas. 

    Edmunds chief general counsel, Ken Levin described the fake reviews to be "short and not too specific". 

    The lawsuit has accused Humankind Design of fraud and breach of their membership agreement with Edmunds.com. 

    The extent to which Humankind Design was involved has not yet been determined since the consumer information providing website hasn't been able to reach out to the dealers who were reviewed by Humankind. 

    This website that is reportedly viewed by 10 million to 20 million people each month said if they had not pointed out the fake reviews to the accused company, there might have been a chance that it would have continued to keep doing the same by just finding a better way to cover its tracks. 

    Edmunds.com is now looking to reach out to the other companies that might have been affected by Glowingreview's fake reviews. 

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