Department of Justice puts forth punitive measures against Apple

  • The Justice Department wants to make sure that Apple isn't able to fix the price of e-books or anything else again. Apple's illegal conduct had forced customers to pay high prices for e-books and measures are being taken to prevent the company from conspiring in this manner in the future. 

    A judge has been asked to ban Apple from entering into agreements with suppliers of any sort of content on iTunes, which could potentially result in the increase in prices. The DOJ has suggested that a monitor be appointed externally that would review the company's efforts from entering e-book contracts for five years. It has also proposed a monitor to oversee its compliance with the court orders for 10 years. Apple claimed this proposal to be unjustified and said it goes beyond the alleged price-fixing. 

    The company will face a separate trial to determine the punitive damages it might have to pay. 

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