Dell receives offers from Blackstone and Icahn

  • Dell confirmed on Monday it has received two takeover offers to rival the one made by founder Michael Dell.

    According to the PC-maker’s special committee, "both proposals could reasonably be expected to result in superior proposals".

    The offers for Dell came from the private equity group Blackstone and billionaire investor Carl Icahn.

    Dell, together with the Silver Lake Group, is offering $13.65 a share, which would value the computer manufacturer at $24.4 billion.

    Blackstone is offering an amount in excess of $14.25 a share while Icahn is offering $15 a share.

    Neither of the new bidders wants to buy the whole company with Icahn offering to buy 58 percent and Blackstone not specifying how much of the firm it is seeking to acquire.

    Dell, the firm’s current chairman and chief executive, plans to delist it from the stock exchange. Meanwhile, the two new offers would take control but retain the listing.