Computerized child catches 1k predators

  • Dutch children's rights activists found a smart way to catch predators online and succeeded in doing so. 

    They used the computer to generate a 10-year-old girl from Philippines, who posed as "Sweetie" and logged onto chat rooms on the Internet. 

    The sting operation was 10 weeks long and about 20,000 people contacted this computerized child during that period. 

    Of those people, 1,000 offered to pay her money in exchange for watching her undress or use the webcam to see her perform sexual acts. The United States had the most number of solicitors and Britain was next in line. 

    Terre des Hommes posing as "Sweetie" never accepted any money and turned over the information provided by these solicitors over to Interpol. 

    Although, it's not yet clear if anyone will be prosecuted, the organization aims to put an end to "webcam child sex tourism," which as of now is a "cottage industry" but needs to be done something about before it becomes a multibillion dollar industry like child pornography has. 

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