Colleges to launch social media classes

  • Marc Torrence has gained thousands of Twitter followers after he covered his first University of Alabama football game. 

    He said he receives tons of retweets "even if 10 or 15 other people are tweeting the same quote from Nick Saban at a press conference."

    Torrence isn't the only one to increase his professional interest in social networking sites and students have begun to find out that it might be necessary for schools to have programs on social media. 

    Southern New Hampshire University and Excelsior College, N.Y., have offered programs that have courses such as social media marketing and social media campaigns. 

    An Ohio University professor, Karen Riggs built one of these programs out of many specialized classes regarding social media and it is available to students of any major.

    The program that is yet to be approved will require students to think critically instead of only applying social media directly. It will teach the students how the environment is at a constant change. 

    A certificate in the area is awarded after graduation. 

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